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Meet RemigoOne

A Trend-Setting 1000W E-Outboard,
Designed As A Rudder

Meet RemigoOne, The world's first fully integrated 1000 W electric outboard.

Proud 2023 Design Europa Award Winners

RemigoOne is an innovative 1000W electric outboard motor, designed as a rudder. Its performance is equivalent to a 3 HP gasoline outboard.

We wanted to eliminate the usual pain points of comparable outboards: weight, cable corrosion, handling, oil leaks, reliability and durability. Rather than simply electrifying a gasoline outboard, we have built everything from the ground up, following what the latest technology has to offer, But above all: we wanted to build a product that you, the boaters and sailors who will be useing RemigoOne, want from it. 

RemigoOne 1000W Outboard
RemigoOne 2 Part Bracket

Simple Mounting

RemigoOne has a special two-part bracket that enables you to securely and safely mount and detach the outboard in seconds without the need to ever remove the bracket from the dinghy or sailboat making transport and charging easier..

RemigoOne Propellor

Efficient Motor

RemigoOne is powered by a highly efficient 1000W brushless motor, that is the equivalent of a 3HP Gasoline Motor.  It delivers 30KG of thrust to our own custom-designed, highly efficient propeller designed for optimal performance. 

Next-Gen Innovation

Integrated Battery System

Our Patent-Pending 1085 Wh Li-ion Battery System has been integrated into the aluminium casing


At 12kg (14.5kg with bracket), we designed RemigoOne to be light enough to be handled by everyone onboard.


RemigoOne is built with pemium materials, with a watertight rating of IP67 above water, and IP69 below.

Why You Will Love RemigoOne


 We wanted to make sure anyone would feel confident driving with RemigoOne. Our simple 2 button interface, with 10 speed, forward and backward settings, allows you to set and forget the speed and focus on direction. This makes it the perfect outboard for families.

Woman putting a killswitch on an interface of an electric outboard RemigoOne


Range is an important topic for any motor. You do not want to run out of battery after a few short trips to shore. That’s why we made it a priority to be able to reach 15nm on a single charge, allowing you to explore further, and get to shore when you need to. 

A woman steering a RemigoOne electric outboard on a Takacat tender boat

Fast Charging

Quickly charge the outboard from any AC 100-240V or DC 12-24V source. The included AC charger refills the battery from 0-100% in 6 hours. An optional AC Fast Charger reduces this to 3 hours, while the optional DC charger takes 12 hours.

RemigoOne Charging Options

Mount Anywhere

RemigoOne can be installed on a range of boats, from small dinghies to larger boats and sailboats up to 8 m and 1.5 t of weight. This allows users to mount the engine on their small sailboat, and once they anchor, they can remove it and use it for their dinghy.

It also has additional safety benefits for your small sailboat because you can use it as an emergency rudder if something goes wrong with your main rudder. Alternatively,  lock it in the central position and continue to use your primary rudder.

Stay Visible

Safety is priority for us, which is why we added Retroreflective Technology to the REMIGO logo to help others see you at night. Plus, It also comes in really handy if you’re searching for your dinghy in the dark – simply direct your phone flashlight towards the boats and wait until your RemigoOne makes a shiny response!

However, why not make it even better? Add a custom retroreflective logo of your on one side of your RemigoOne electric outboard. Perfect for representing your racing team, fleet, company or the boat or tender it belongs to.

Shop Accessories

Did you know that RemigoOne is the first outboard you can carry on your back?

RemigoOne bag combines features of a bag and a backpack. You can choose between 3 modes – holding it like a case, put a long strap over your shoulder or turn it into a backpack. Overall padding will protect it from the bumps, extra padding pouches will take extra care of the propeller, straps on the inside will hold the outboard in place for easier and safer carrying. 

We have a range of accessories on our store. Build your perfect setup. 

Maintenance and Warranty

One of the best features of any electric outboard is the near zero maintenance. All you will need to do is charge the batteries, check the anodes and rinse the outboard with fresh water from time to time.

If you find any other hardware issues, every RemigoOne comes with a 2 Year Warranty. Contact us if you need more information on this.

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Award Winning Design

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