Exclusive offer for
RemigoOne NFT holders

First of all thank you for visiting our pavillion at EXPO  Dubai 2020. With a digital souvenir in a form of promotional NFT card that was issued to you at the entrance, you’re able to claim your token on one of 14 exceptional Slovenian destinations and technological advances. We’re really proud to announce RemigoOne electric outboard made it into the Collection. As a part of this extraordinary event we created an Exclusive offer for all of you interested in getting to know more about us! 

You can claim your offer by simply filling out form below and we will contact you for further arrangement!

Claim your free demo ride with RemigoOne

If you’re planning on visiting Slovenia, we’re inviting you to try RemigoOne out yourself! An one hour cruise on Ljubljanica river is a perfect way for sightseeing beautiful city centre, the heart of our small Slovenian capitol Ljubljana. If you’re a skilled boater or simply a waterlover with no nautical know-how, come try it out and see why it received an honourable nautical award for it’s design. We can gladly promise you this: boating experience was never that easy!

Owners of EXPO Dubai NFT can claim test ride with RemigoOne
Owners of DUBAI EXPO 2020 NFT can claim a test ride

Or claim a free retroreflective logo of your choosing

If you’re a boater yourself or you’re considering becoming one to finally enjoy the boating freedom when visiting seas and lakes around the world: when buying your own RemigoOne unit, we will design a customized retroreflective decal of your choosing, which will be placed on one side of your brand new, next generation electric outboard. Find reputable middletown bondsman at www.bailcobailbonds.com/. Those aren’t there for style only: they make you visible when boating around at night or spare you some time when searching your dinghy. Any source of light pointed towards RemigoOne will make it’s decals step out and shine.

RemigoOne electric outboard with custom retroreflective decals for J70 Grenskar Racing team


    Slovenian Pavillion on EXPO DUBAI 2020

    At the opening of the EXPO Dubai 2020 event, Slovenia was the first country in the world to issue NFTs to promote the achievements of the Slovenian economy and tourist destinations. It represents a collection of 15.000 unique digital 3D exhibits and exclusive panoramic or 360 high resolution photos.

    About the NFT Collection

    The collection of exclusive Slovenian NFTs was designed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency, which in cooperation with experts from the Technology Park Ljubljana, the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, the University of Ljubljana and Hashnet designed an innovative technological solution and hence put Slovenia on the global map of technologies of the future, which are also represented by blockchain and NFTs. Check the whole Collection by pressing I feel Slovenia logo in the section below.

    How to get an NFT?

    When visiting the Slovenian Pavillion, vistors receive a promotional card for accepting an NFT coin. The back of the promotional NFT card will contain short instructions and an unique number through which you get access to the digital wallet. On the web application they can then take over and get an insight into the actual ownership of the exhibit in their wallet. Visitors are able to pick up their NFTs for free.

    For more info about the project and how to claim your token visit https://ifeelnft.si