RemigoOne Tarp Carry Bag

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Carry bag for carrying and storing safely your electric outboard RemigoOne. Bag and backpack in one!

Following circular design principles, we designed using residual material gathered from our local industries. It’s shell is made out of upcycled PVC tarp banners, padding made of foam scraps from furniture industry and sewn by a local leatherworker. We’re currently working on implementing full circular business model to achieve regular production of the bags and sustainable collaboration with companies and people involved.

RemigoOne Bag has an outer pocket for storing bracket and chargers, and an inside one for storing small parts like RemigoOne Key. To prevent the outboard from moving around in the bag fasten RemigoOne using two straps. You’ll find hidden straps on the bottom outer side of the bag, so you can easily turn it into a backpack!

Note: RemigoOne Bag is not included in the package when ordering RemigoOne electric outboard motor.

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