PREORDER Electric Outboard Motor RemigoOne

200,00 + tax + shipping

Fully electric outboard. Integrated battery pack. Easy to carry, mount and use. Corrosion protected with aluminum unibody.



Fully electric 1000W outboard motor RemigoOne for your boat, small sailboat or dingy. Integrated 1085Wh battery pack. Easy to carry, mount and use. Robust aluminium unibody with additional corrosion protection. Powerful as 3 HP gasoline outboard. Reliable range – up to 14NM at 3 knots. Options for charging 12V – 36V DC & 110V – 240V AC.

Advanced preorder (Partial pay) 200€.

Full price 2.200€ + VAT + shipping.

Your RemigoOne e-outboard will be delivered in 90 days after placed order.

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Weight 13,5 kg


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