Transom Bracket for RemigoOne

385,00 + tax + shipping

Transom bracket for mounting RemigoOne electric outboard motor to your boat’s rear. This part is already included in the package when ordering the RemigoOne.


Transom bracket for mounting RemigoOne electric outboard motor to your boat’s rear. One small, aesthetic 1000w electric outboard that fits to any small boat and mounting height!
Innovative 2-part mounting system built specially for RemigoOne offers secure operation during mounting and use. The ultimate goal when constructing the bracket was detaching the outboard from the mounting part and this is the result: first console mounting system for an outboard in the world! This means you can leave the bracket always on your boat while taking the outboard off for charging or for safety reasons (theft)!

Built out of the best materials: stainless steel and marine grade aluminium, combining strength and low weight where needed. Fully protected against galvanic corrosion with anodes.

Bracket offers standard mounting dimensions, so you can attach it to all types of transoms/rears.

Standard mounting bracket functionalities:
– tilt
– manual trim, 4 positions

Additional info on transom bracket functionalities:
One of the initial ideas when constructing RemigoOne was to build one size outboard that will fit on all type of vessels. This is why we’ve built a stepless shaft length adjustment. Find the precise position for reaching outboard’s maximum performance anywhere between 15 and 30 inch of height (S to XL shaft length equivalent). So you’ll be able to use the same outboard on a dinghy, custom wooden fishing boat or a small sailboat by simply loosening 3 screws and adjusting the height!

Note: transom bracket is included in the package when ordering RemigoOne electric outboard motor.

VAT and shipping costs are excluded from the price.

Check all the RemigoOne outboard features in action here. If you have any questions on transom bracket features or anything else, feel free to contact us via!



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