DC Charger for RemigoOne

80,00 + tax + shipping


DC 2A charger for RemigoOne electric outboard motor. Certified charger built specially for charging RemigoOne on boat in a secure way. You can use any low voltage (12-24V) DC source for charging – also solar panels or an on-board generator. It will recharge RemigoOne in 12 hours.

VAT and shipping costs excluded from the price.

Note: this DC charger is not included in the package when ordering RemigoOne electric outboard motor.

This is a DC charging option. If you’re searching for AC charging options take a look at standard AC charger (included in the package) which will top RemigoOne up in 6 hours or Fast AC charger, which will recharge it in only 3h.

Check all the RemigoOne e-outboard features in action here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via info@remigo.eu!


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