Electric Outboard Motor RemigoOne

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Fully electric outboard. Integrated battery pack. Easy to carry, mount and use. Corrosion protected with aluminium unibody. By its performance it is equivalent to a 3 HP gasoline outboard. The lightest outboard in its class, with a mere 12kg outboard weight and 14.5kg unit weight (including the separated bracket).



RemigoOne is an innovative 1000W electric outboard motor, designed as a rudder. By its performance it is equivalent to a 3 HP gasoline outboard.

We wanted to eliminate the usual pain points of comparable outboards: weight, cable corrosion, handling, oil leaks, reliability and durability. Rather than simply electrifying a gasoline outboard, we have built following what technology has to offer, with optimal materials, but above all: what you, boaters and sailors, want from it. And it makes a lot of sense for it to act as a rudder, right?

Why will you love it?

SAFE TO MOUNT The special two-part bracket design enables you to securely mount and detach the outboard without the need to ever remove the bracket from the dinghy or sailboat,
ONE SIZE FITS ALL S to XL shaft lengths in one outboard enable you to use the same outboard on different vessels,
DURABLE Housed in a watertight aluminum unibody rated IP67, all cables, electronics, and the battery pack are well-protected. The housing, made entirely of marine-grade aluminum, is extra protected against corrosion with anodes,
VERSATILE Propels a range of vessels, from small dinghies to large boats and sailboats up to 7 m and 1.5 t of weight. You can use it either as an electrified rudder or solely as an engine. Simply lock it in the central position and use your primary rudder.
VERSATILE EVEN MORE Fits to seawater and passes all regulations for use on all inland waterways,
LIGHTWEIGHT The lightest in its class, with a mere 12kg outboard weight and 14.5kg unit weight (including the separated bracket).
PORTABLE Thanks to the right handle position, it allows you for ergonomic carrying of the outboard close to your body. Additionally, you can purchase an extra bag that easily transforms into a backpack, to keep your busy hands free.
SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE Featuring easy controls and a clean interface, you will love it if you are an experienced sailor, boating enthusiast, or a novice,
CLEAN TO TRANSPORT Say goodbye to smelly and dirty trunks caused by oil leakages,
NEAR ZERO MAINTENANCE you will need to only charge the batteries, check the anodes and rinse the outboard with fresh water from time to time.

About charging:

You can charge the outboard from any AC 100-240 V or low voltage DC 12~24 V source. Our various options:

  • The standard AC charger, refills the battery 0 to 100% in 6 hours (included)
  • Opt for the AC Fast Charger for a quicker 3-hour recharge (extra),
  • or the DC charger for a complete refill in 12 hours (extra).

Design awarded with 5 prestigious design awards:

– 2021 DAME Special Mention,
– 2022 Selection of Design Excellence ‘Made in Slovenia’ by Centre for Creativity,
– 2022 ‘Design of the Year 2022‘ by BigSee Awards – Zavod Big,
– 2023 Green Product Award Winner,
– 2023 Design Europa Award Winner by European Intellectual Property Office.

What is included in the standard package?

– 1000W RemigoOne Electric Outboard Motor
– Mounting bracket (transom + tiller bracket)
– Standard AC RemigoOne charger (5A)
– 2x RemigoOne Magnetic Key
– Set of tools for height/shaft length adjustment + 1x spare propeller pin
– User manual
– Warranty certificate

VAT and shipping costs excluded from the price.


Additional information

Weight 14,5 kg


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